Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

QUESTION:  Can I sell plants on

ANSWER:  No. is only for Free plant listings

QUESTION:  What if I want a plant, but don’t have a way to haul it?

ANSWER:  Check the ads on out site. Some are from companies that only do such hauling. You can
                    contact them directly by clicking on the link.

QUESTION:  My item has been taken. How do I delete the ad?

ANSWER:  Go to your “account” page, select the listing and delete.

QUESTION:  How do you make money operating with only free plants?

ANSWER: is completely ad supported. Please visit the ads as they are our only
                   source of revenue to keep the website active.

QUESTION:  Why are you providing a website to promote only free plants?

ANSWER:  We are an adoption agency and the ultimate tree huggers. We want users to list their
                  unwanted plants before they remove them and take them to the dump.

QUESTION:  Is my account information safe?

ANSWER:  It’s SAFE AND SECURE! We will NEVER sell or give away your personal information. Ads will
                 NOT show the doner’s email address,  phone number or address  where the plants are

QUESTION:  How do I post an ad?

ANSWER:  Simply sign in, upload a good picture, and describe the plant along with where it is located
                 (zip code minimum) and when it can be adopted (picked up / dug up). The Donor and
                 Adopter use the internal email to arrange for adoption. Unless other
                 arrangements are agreed to, the adopter is responsible for digging up, loading and hauling.